13X Radio

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My Name is Arte Conforti. I was DJ and Chief Engineer at KGHX Radio 1300 in Fairbanks, Alaska. (Hence the name 13X) I have had a life-long love affair with Radio -- especially old-time or Golden Age. If you share my interest in all things radio, feel free to contact me.

KGHX was a 1,000 watt station that operated from Sept 1983 to March 1985. In it's short time on the air we pioneered the sound of Great Gold "oldies but goodies" in Fairbanks. With syndicated programs such as The History of Rock 'n' Roll and Dick Clark's Rock, Roll, & Remember, as well as our own Gerry Weaver's Remembering. But the highest rated show on KGHX was our salute to radio's golden era.

Golden Radio, hosted by yours truly (aka Art Words) aired twice each weekend and featured excerpts, interviews, and entire programs from radio's past.

Another popular program was Boom, Cash, & Balderdash. Jerry Fears, a local author, philosopher and news reporter, provided an oral history of the highlights and sidelights of life on the Last Frontier.