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Here you will find various reproductions of old Vintage Radio manuals. They measure 5" x 8" and are priced as shown. In some cases they are available in full size (8" x 11") for $1.00 more. Original items (not copies or reproductions) may be available for a higher price and will be marked in red. Add  $2.50 postage. We DO combine multiple items to reduce shipping costs.  Add $1.00 for Canada and add $2.00 for overseas mailings.   

The selection will be very specialized and very limited in quantities.  You may contact us with questions at  arte@13xradio.com.

Item #




B-001 Zenith Trans-Oceanic - The Royalty of Radios $34.95
B-002 Novelty Radio Handbook (and price guide)             $24.95   SOLD

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